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First homestay in Perak -Bagan Datoh-

First homestay in Perak -Bagan Datoh-

Her husband helps her;)

Coconuts flavor salad

Fried vegetable nuggets and fried rice noodles (ビーフン)

Washing hands before and after east. Because they eat by hands;)

THIS COFFEE, I mean homemade coffee here,

SO delicious!!!

It’s very sweet, maybe put a lot of sugar…I don’t wanna believe but I love it!


Homemade foods are amazing, yummy!

Sometime spicy, sometime not, sometime taste like coconuts I often had fried rice noodles in here Malaysia.

Host family was so nice to us. Especially mother, actually I sometime had a cough because of my cold (wasn’t so bad) she was very worried about me.

We ate by hands as Malaysian people do. Because we wanted to be a part of this family even it was only 3 days staying. I hesitated to do that because I have never done this thing before in my life in Japan. (maybe yes when I was baby) But I tried;) It was hard though!

In the morning, we went to get sugar canes, coconuts from tree, cut and drank pure coconuts juice.

Thank you very much for everything! We will visit you again!










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