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Zoo Taiping & Night Safari in Perak

Zoo Taiping & Night Safari in Perak

In Taiping Zoo, there are animals which is more than 140 species, 1,200 individuals.

If you join to night safari tour, you can see a real of animal’s life.

Here is not typical zoo such as people just Look animals in the Cage.

As you can see my photos, people can “Meet” animals from even closer.

We can touch, feed, and we can even selfie together!

When I saw monkey walking a street in front of us, I was like “Oh you guys are free? “. haha

Animals here live like they want. There is a life of them.

Why don’t you come and make “friends” here? 😉





猿が道を歩いているのを見たときは、”この子たちはもう自由なのか?”笑 と思ったほど^^;


web page:  Zoo Taiping & Night Safari


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