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A Story I Remember Forever in Vilnius, Lithuania

A Story I Remember Forever in Vilnius, Lithuania

Visiting a third county in Baltic states, Vilnius. A capital of  Lithuania.

Before this journey-15 countries for one month, I had no idea about Baltic states and I thought this 3 countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were almost Same BUT

No. Different. Now I know. Because I Saw. Felt. Met.

Vilnius is kind of “mysterious” atmosphere compare with other 2 baltic countries.

Feeling like perhaps I can meet Witches somewhere around here. haha (maybe yes?)


Usually I don’t get lost. (rarely yes like in Praha) But when I was exploring Vilnius old town alone, I got lost! There were a lot of narrow streets, looks all same houses, seems it was not a sightseeing place, I had a map but I couldn’t get where am I now!

“Ok, let’s ask someone! ”  There were no people but I Found one old man who was sitting at the bus station!

“Excuse me?” I said.

He saw me and opened his eyes in wonder. Seems he doesn’t understand English.

I said very slowly “HERE, I DON’T KNOW ” “I, GO, THIS HOTEL” with my BIG GESTURE and while showing the map.

And he pointed a street, moved his arm and taught me how to get to the hotel I stay.

I said “Thank you” and went to the street and finally I got to the hotel 😉

So Language is Not So Important ;P   Important is how to “Tell” to someone. 

 I forgot his face, don’t know his name and I will never meet him again and maybe he have forgotten about me. When people helped someone, Usually a one who helped, forget about “I helped” but other one, remember. Sometime, Forever.        

Like here, I can’t forget the view when I was there. If I met Lithuanian people in future, I would tell this story. The memory gives me a nice warm feeling….


About the night, 2 British travelers asked me to go out and  we went with other German traveler to the bar where there was OBAMA! (the Lithuanian bartender said his name is Obama. When we called him “Obama!” it took a little bit time to notice himself though. haha) The night was Amazing. So fun. Usually I don’t go out when I travel because I was alone and very tired at night because I walk 6 or 7 hours, or 9 hours in a day. (I don’t use a public transportation because I don’t have a money of currency in each country, don’t know how to use and troublesome to ask. haha walking is better because I can see cats sometime♡)  Even though I LOVE PARTY!!!!!♡haha

So the night I spent with travelers was again, SO FUN. Everyone came from different country and tomorrow, We will go to different place in each. 2 British travelers were travel all the world, I remember next country was Brazil. A German traveler was traveling Europe by his CAR!! mmmmmmmm both sounds interesting!!!!!


Travel is Fun, Interesting.

Because it happen that I didn’t expect.

(In Good way and Bad way.) ( Fortunately, I don’t have bad experience so far. 😉


So, That’s why I CAN’T STOP TO TRAVEL!!!!!!!♡

to be continue…




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