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praha lost magic

praha lost magic

6 hours non-stop!!! walk walk walk…

My journey diary said I did’nt sit 6 hours and was keeping to walk 6 hours. I cant believe it!haha

Ok, at first, I was standing at the main train station of Praha. My first time here and I was like, “I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE AM I〜”. Even I looked the map, it was complicated to figure out so I gave up to look. I wanted to go other station. I asked people. A man said, “It’s one stop by train!” and  he left . (Nooo I wanted to know how can I get there on foot!). In the street, a woman said something in Check. (Thank you so much! But I don’t understand what you say!).

I just kept going,  just following my feeling as always.  And I found the station!! But it was not the one I wanted to come… A woman helped me how to get to the station where I wanna go. “You turn left there and turn right, and the cross in the park, and…”. It was like same situation when Haku is saying to Chihiro how to get to the right place. (from a movie:Spirited away (video)) I only had to imagine in my head. (Because she were talking fast and I didn’t have time to write a memo.)

finally I found the staion, and bought a ticket to Bratislava, Slovakia!!!!! whoooooooo!!!!

So I walked A LOT….like when I looked around, there were no people.

And again looked up, it was sightseeing place.

And again, I was in the top where I can see the view of beautiful Praha.

And when looked around, it was residential area, I was like “where am I~~~~?!?!”

And again, I was in the middle of huge silence park. I checked the map for the first time but I had no idea where am I in this map.

But when I saw a little boy who is walking with 2 dogs (Colley!!!!♡) and many dogs were playing in the grass, I was like “Oh~~~~♡♡” (because I LOVE DOG!!!Seriously, Having a dog is my Dream! cat too;))

I looked the map, tried to figure out where am I now but still I couldn’t find so I gave up and saw the sky.

I could see little bit of blue in the sky.

We should not always look at the map. Sometime we should see around.;)

But this time, I REALLY HAD NO IDEA WHERE AM I !!!

Co I asked old lady who walking with her cute small dog.

I said “excuse me” in English and she looked me and smiled to me.

I felt relief.

We talked a lot. Surprisingly, she was a guide for Japanese tourists in Praha. She speak Japanese very well!

Its like a miracle…one Japanese 25 years old traveler and Czech old Lady are talking in Japanese and walking with dog, seeing beautiful sunset in the silence huge park in Praha.

She taught me how to say “Thank you” in Czech,

She said “it’s sounds like a Japanese word as Jukyuban!”

(mean “nineteen” in Japanese!).

According to she says, the place where I was, was out side of the map!!! (Of cause I can’t find!!!! Because there is no in the map! haha) She surprised me “how did you get here??”  I said ”I don’t know, I was just walking and arrived here!! haha”

when we say good bye, she said, “it was very nice meeting you!”. (“Ohhh you too!”)

It was really like a “Journey”. Maybe I will never meet her again but I will never forget that moment. Even it was just few minutes. It’s very precious. 

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