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Mexican foods recipe!

Mexican foods recipe!


I learned Mexican homemade food from my friend Isabel’s Mama, Teresa! 😀

I will share how to cook Sopa de Arroz. 😉

Fry 1 cup of Rice with Oil of 3 spoons.

Until the color change Brown.

Put 3 cups of Salsa. (Don’t surprise its normal to )


Put 3 cups of Water. It’s like a Soup! (I thought it’s done! but no… 😛 )

Wait 30 minutes.

Water is gone!!! eat some and if still hard, put more water and wait 5 minutes.

Then Done for rice!

Cut porks to eat easy.

Put Salsa! (3 cups or as you want 😉

Put 2 Potatoes.


wait about 15 minutes, put Salt a little bit. If you thought it’s tasty, it’s done. 🙂

Put like that and time to eat!!!!

Put Salad or Chile beside if you want;) Bon appétit!!! 😀

How to make a Salsa source? That’s easy. 😀


Mix 2 Tomatoes a little bit of Onion, Chile and Oregano.

Like that!!! 😀

Leave comments if you have questions! I will ask to Isabel’s mama again!!!!

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