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First Day in Mexico! What I did?

First Day in Mexico! What I did?


Above the clouds, just Amazing. “There is always light behind the clouds.”

Mexico city from the sky. My first impression was “Mountain”(because I saw a lot of…) and “Wow, What a Big City”.

When this plane just arrived at the airport, I thought “Hello Mexico! My New Adventure just started!!!!!”

When the signal is red, it’s time to work for some people!!!

I didn’t see like this in Europe. Asia? huuuum Japan, No.


Yuki and other 3 friends picked me up and went to the Restaurant.

What I ate in First Day in Mexico was 「Habanero chilli chicken Wings」 ,

What I drank in First Day in Mexico was 「1ℓ of Michelada」. (A michelada is a Mexican cerveza preparada made with beer, lime juice, and assorted sauces, spices, and peppers. It is served in a chilled, salt-rimmed glass. )


And for me, maybe for Japanese, I couldn’t understand why this restaurant is very popular.

Foods are Amazing good! but theme of here is,,,war so. But foods, Awesome!! So maybe that’s why Mexican people like here?

AND What I did in First Night in Mexico was 「got Tequila shots at the Bar and Dance」

What I ate in First Morning in Mexico was 「TACOS!!!!!!!!!!」


They are so nice!!! Tacoco is Amazing delicious!!! I will write about this place later 😉

So, I had jet lag, so I didn’t care about the time, like I can do anything! haha

Backed to new house in the 4 am, and finally went to the bed. (it’s been 40 hours since I slept in the bed in Japan)

Then, Just started my New Adventure in Mexico like that 😉

Not bad huh?


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