Hair Salon: Friendly and Cheap in Cuauhtémoc, Mexico city


Yuki needed to get a hair cut for his interview so we went to a hair salon near our place that our friends recommended.

Waiting to open in front of a salon. Blue, White and Yellow line. It’s remind me Disney! haha Donald Duck 😛 which is we love hahaha  Nice wall!

One woman came to a salon, we said “Hola! ” and she “Hola” with Big Smile 😀

She is a Hair dresser, Ana. 🙂

Yuki asked Ana to get a hair cut for a business.

She is very kind, friendly, and very bright woman.

The cost is just 60 pesos.

If you were looking for a hair salon or thinking to want to try a hair salon in Mexico,

I recommend here.

Event If you were not in this two, you can visit her and say like “I read about your salon:D”. You might be able to talk with Ana and get advices about Mexico city if she was not busy 😉

We went to a hair salon to get a hair cut but at a same time, feeling like we made a New friend:)


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