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Sun Hotel, Bolivia

Sun Hotel, Bolivia


We were in Bolivia for 2 weeks in the New Year's holiday of 2017-2018.

Why Bolivia?

Because Yuki is half Bolivian, there are his ground parents and cousins there

AND we live in Mexico now. Bolivia is MUCH MUCH Closer than Japan.

So he decided to visit there with me.


We weren't planning to stay at Hotel, but

People were talking about Protest which is start one day before we leave Bolivia,

the street which is to the airport, might be closed.

There is no other way to go to the airport (because in Bolivia haha I mean a lot of nature. if they closed the street, we need to jump to the jungle with 2 suitcases..)

So we decided to stay somewhere near the airport because is better than miss our flight.

we had 2 options,

1, stay at new cupcel hotel of the airport (maybe cheap,but maybe uncomfortable? )

2, stay at 5 star hotel in front of the airport (wow I want this. but expensive, so I give up)


First we went to the cupcel hotel to ask about prices, and

OMG its very expensive! We have to pay like each 20 minutes,

you know we need to stay One Night, not for just relaxing for 30 minutes,

So, just said Thank you and we went to the 5 star Sun hotel~~~XD


Sun Hotel is just 5 minutes by car to the airport. There is free shuttle bus from the hotel, there is no time schedule, just say a flight time and they drive for us even like 4am! (our fight was very early so. thank you!)

Price was not Very expensive, much cheaper than the cupcel hotel!!! for our situation.


As you can see, the view is Wonderful. we can feel just

BLUE of sky and pool  and

Green of nature.

It was January, Bolivia is always hot but when Sun was hidden by cloud, it was a bit cold in the pool!

there is Jagzy, Sauna, Mist sauna, gym...

We wanted to go out to the central city but also afraid of Protes.

So we were at this hotel All day but We could enjoy, enjoyed last day in Bolivia.


Hear is perfect for photo shooting,filming,playing and relaxing.

We will stay here again if Protest do something again 😛   hehe

but be honest, I wanna stay again for no reason ;P


Thank you Sun Hotel!!!

See you soon!!!

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