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Wonder Walking Guanajuato, Mexico

Wonder Walking Guanajuato, Mexico

I really really THANK YOU for YURIE!!!

Now I know about this Beautiful Amazing place in Mexico,

this is because Yurie talked to me.

We were planning what we do for one week when Yurie is in Mexico!

Cancun? or one week Mexico city, or somewhere the beach…

and Yurie said “I wanna go to Guanajuato!” and I was like

“where?? okeey I’ve never heard I don’t know let’s see…”

and searched this name, saw pictures of this place and I was like


We decided very quickly to go there!


Firstable, Yuki was saying that he cannot join us because he needed to finish his thesis.

So Yurie and I were like, “perhaps Girl’s trip?! Not bad tho!XD”

but our Mexican friend Takao was thinking that he also go with us

and Yuki also seems his thesis is ok so

Finally we 4 traveled to Guanajuato 😉 by 6 hours driving.


As you can imagine from my photos,

Guanajuato is one of the city that cannot stop taking photos.

street, wall, green, house, animals, people…

especially very narrow street, street that I can’t see the end,

makes my heart dance.

“what’s the next?”,”something is waiting!”,”I wanna see more!”

feeling like this, Always when we were walking at the street.


We stayed one night, but NOT ENOUGH!!!

We are SURE to back to this Amazing Wonder Land Guanajuato 🙂




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