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One month left to move to Kyrgyzstan!

One month left to move to Kyrgyzstan!

Hi there!

Today is Wednesday, August 8th, 2018, I’m in Saitama where near Tokyo, Japan. Living with Yuki.

2nd of September, I move to Bishkek, a capital of Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia and live at least one year to teach English, Japanese and Dance…. whatever they want and things I can do at high school!!!!!!!

Why Kyrgyzstan?

This reason is because of my personality,

1, Skill up my Russian (I’ve been studying about 8 years! but still basic..)

2, I’ve never been to Central Asia yet even though I traveled 40 countries!

3, I have a Good Friend from Kyrgyzstan! We stayed together in summer of Spain 2016.

4, Better than my home country Japan. (live in foreign country is much more fun than live in home!)  

So, if people who are not like me, maybe never thought that would like to go there? haha

I also don’t know what there are, culture, foods, amazing place? I don’t have a idea so I want to go and See!!! I’ve traveled Europe, North and South America, Asia and I could imagine before I go how these places because I’ve known few things like foods or view from TV or magazine.     

But this time, Central Asia. Sorry I can not do imagine.. Because I don’t see on TV or magazine, I don’t have many friends who from there. For me, Central Asia is a most Mysterious Area.

July 18th, I turned 29 years old.

Now I feel happy that I still can go to the place where I wanna go and got a chance to see the world.

Many my friends think that I always do things what I wanna do.

But I Think, No.

I have a lot of ideas in my brain but it’s only in my brain.

Dream and Real, young and old, smart and crazy

I’m always struggle between these.

So, Me, this year I will do my best to do things that I wanna do!

If only “think”, just time goes by.

Important is “Move”, right?

Final time while in my twenties,

Adventure in Kyrgyzstan!!!!!!   

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