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One month left to move to Kyrgyzstan!

One month left to move to Kyrgyzstan!

Hi there! Today is Wednesday, August 8th, 2018, I’m in Saitama where near Tokyo, Japan. Living with Yuki. 2nd of September, I move to Bishkek, a capital of Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia and live at least one year to teach English, Japanese and Dance…. whatever […]

Delicious Food of El Salvador!

Delicious Food of El Salvador!

       This Traditional Food of El Salvador, So Yummy!!!! I wanna eat again! but I don’t know where I can eat! have to go back this country??!!

Discover El Salvador

Discover El Salvador



We joined a tour for transit in El Salvador!!!

It was Amazing!!!

I had no Idea about this country but now I know and Love hare!!

It was Great Choice to join a tour!!!

Thank you!!

Sun Hotel, Bolivia

Sun Hotel, Bolivia

          We were in Bolivia for 2 weeks in the New Year’s holiday of 2017-2018. Why Bolivia? Because Yuki is half Bolivian, there are his ground parents and cousins there AND we live in Mexico now. Bolivia is MUCH MUCH Closer […]

Wonder Walking Guanajuato, Mexico

Wonder Walking Guanajuato, Mexico

I really really THANK YOU for YURIE!!! Now I know about this Beautiful Amazing place in Mexico, this is because Yurie talked to me. We were planning what we do for one week when Yurie is in Mexico! Cancun? or one week Mexico city, or […]

Mexican foods recipe!

Mexican foods recipe!


I learned Mexican homemade food from my friend Isabel’s Mama, Teresa! 😀

I will share how to cook Sopa de Arroz. 😉

Fry 1 cup of Rice with Oil of 3 spoons.

Until the color change Brown.

Put 3 cups of Salsa. (Don’t surprise its normal to )


Put 3 cups of Water. It’s like a Soup! (I thought it’s done! but no… 😛 )

Wait 30 minutes.

Water is gone!!! eat some and if still hard, put more water and wait 5 minutes.

Then Done for rice!

Cut porks to eat easy.

Put Salsa! (3 cups or as you want 😉

Put 2 Potatoes.


wait about 15 minutes, put Salt a little bit. If you thought it’s tasty, it’s done. 🙂

Put like that and time to eat!!!!

Put Salad or Chile beside if you want;) Bon appétit!!! 😀

How to make a Salsa source? That’s easy. 😀


Mix 2 Tomatoes a little bit of Onion, Chile and Oregano.

Like that!!! 😀

Leave comments if you have questions! I will ask to Isabel’s mama again!!!!

Hair Salon: Friendly and Cheap in Cuauhtémoc, Mexico city

Hair Salon: Friendly and Cheap in Cuauhtémoc, Mexico city

Waiting Yuki needed to get a hair cut for his interview so we went to a hair salon near our place that our friends recommended. Waiting to open in front of a salon. Blue, White and Yellow line. It’s remind me Disney! haha Donald Duck 😛 which […]

First Day in Mexico! What I did?

First Day in Mexico! What I did?

   Above the clouds, just Amazing. “There is always light behind the clouds.” Mexico city from the sky. My first impression was “Mountain”(because I saw a lot of…) and “Wow, What a Big City”. When this plane just arrived at the airport, I thought “Hello […]

Owl Cafe,Tokyo アキバのフクロウカフェ

Owl Cafe,Tokyo アキバのフクロウカフェ

Here is a Owl Cafe in Tokyo that I really wanted to go from few years ago!!!!

with Moe (who lives in Malaysia but just came back to Japan for her holiday!) and Yuki (cameraman for this time:P)

It’s my First time to MEET Owls and of cause touch too;)


Enter the Owl Cafe, and they ware waiting us like that! ↓♡


Everyone are looking outside….


touch from their back;) So FLUFFY!!!

We can make a reservation to enter but this time, weekday around 6 pm we didn’t need it 😉

Pay just entrance fee 890 yen, under 12 years old 540 yen (tax included), Free One Drink, No Time-limit if not crowded. 



This place is Forest of Owl in Akihabara. There are other in Tokyo Asakusa where you can see a “Japanese traditional town” , and in Okinawa where 2 hours by plane from Tokyo but there, like Tropical Beautiful island;)

link: Forest of Owl

Other Owl cafes in Tokyo: Owl Cafe Akihabara Tokyo (English, Chinese)

praha lost magic

praha lost magic

6 hours non-stop!!! walk walk walk… My journey diary said I did’nt sit 6 hours and was keeping to walk 6 hours. I cant believe it!haha Ok, at first, I was standing at the main train station of Praha. My first time here and I […]